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Beline Obeid
July 04, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — Some 50,000 feet of new marina decking is arriving just in time.

A section of old, cracked decking the new material will replace gave way this month.

City employees in a golf cart broke through the planks at Osius Park.

A patch consisting of two 4-by-8 sheets of wood covers the opening, according to Mark Wollenweber, Grosse Pointe Shores city manager.

“We are expecting three semi-truck loads (of decking) within the next week or two,” he said.

The Shores receives new decking free from Biewer Lumber in agreement with an out-of-court settlement to compensate the city for decking installed five years ago that didn’t live up to its warranty.

In addition, the marina contractor, E.C. Korneffel construction, is giving the Shores about $15,000 cash.

Legal negotiations continue for compensation from another party.

“It involves money,” said Brian Renaud, Shores attorney.

The city council entered closed session Tuesday, June 18, to discuss Renaud’s legal opinion on the matter.

The opinion regarded “potential litigation against a recalcitrant party in connection with the marina decking replacement,” Renaud said.

Following the closed session, the council voted for Renaud to stay the course.

“We authorize the city attorney to continue negotiations with the recalcitrant parties in this marina dispute,” motioned Councilman Bruce Bisballe.

Shores representatives, not wanting to show their legal hand, wouldn’t detail matters that took place during the closed session.

“We just discussed the claims available against certain parties that are still not settled in connection with marina decking and the costs and benefits of pursuing further action against them,” Renaud said.

The shipment of decking will be stored in the Osius parking lot for installation after Labor Day.

“We plan on taking the northeast nine parking spots in the corner, where we start our leaf pile,” said Brett Smith, public works director.

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