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Road work offers efficient draining

June 27, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The coronation of Hampton is nearly complete.

“On Hampton, we now have a crown in the road, something we’ve never had before” said Brett Smith, director of public works in Grosse Pointe Shores.

Crews resurfacing Hampton this month built a crown in the middle. Rain, melting snow and ice now drain to the curbs rather than pool across lanes for motorists to splash through.

“To get that crown, we’ve had to make a few adjustments,” Smith said.

“Grade issues” resulting from newly-sloped pavement require the replacement of 14 driveway approaches, Smith explained.

“When you put a crown in the road, it forces water to the edge of the streets,” he said. “In a number of these cases, it pushes water up the driveway approach.”

Road resurfacing this month includes Lochmoor and part of Sunningdale.

“We also have 15 adjustments to make on Lochmoor,” Smith said. “We have sidewalk work to be done. Some handicap ramps are not completed. We’ve made minor adjustments where the walkway enters the street where Sunningdale breaks off of Lochmoor.”

Councilman Dan Schulte said he noticed heavy vehicles on Hampton leaving tire impressions in the new asphalt blacktop.

“That’s very common,” Smith said. “Asphalt is going to be soft for a while. I expect the problem to get worse through summer. The sponging affect should come back. If it doesn’t, let me know.”

Smith also said asphalt tire tracks from the work zones are a temporary matter.

“Asphalt has a lot of petroleum in it that gets on tires,” Smith said. “When you put asphalt down on old roads, you get tire marks. This will go away.”

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