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June 27, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The first coyote in a long time was reported last week on Fontana.

A resident saw the animal the morning of Tuesday, June 18, according to John Schulte, Grosse Pointe Shores public safety director.

“We haven’t had any calls for over a year,” Schulte said.

“We thought they were on vacation,” said Mayor Ted Kedzierski.

Coyote sightings and attacks on small pets generated regular entries in Pointe police blotters until last year.

Schulte encourages residents to notify officers of coyotes.

“Frankly, there’s very little we can do,” he said. “They’re very agile and quick. But we like to know where they are. Protect your pets outside.”

Municipal flower beds attest to an absence of the predators.

“Bunnies are eating my flowers,” said Brett Smith, public works director.

“I thought coyotes were taking care of that issue. Apparently, they’re not.”

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