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Beline Obeid
June 27, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Prior to fiscal year 2012-13 ending June 30, the municipal budget was amended to accurately record pension costs per department.

Changes approved this month “allocate pension contributions to appropriate funds based on where our employees’ salaries are charged,” explained Kim Kleinow, City of Grosse Pointe finance director.

City officials decided when drawing up next fiscal year’s budget, starting July 1, to begin tallying employee pension costs per the department in which they work.

“We budgeted to do it that way next year,” Kleinow said. “But, we also decided to amend this year’s budget to accommodate for that.”

As a result, funds within the current budget were increased by the following amounts:

major roads, $2,214,

local roads, $2,390,

solid waste, $11,611,

parking, $3,326,

water and sewer, $5,400 and

marina, $550.

— Brad Lindberg

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