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Cities agree to move on grant

June 20, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — A state grant offers a $209,000 carrot for Grosse Pointe Park and City officials to increase efficiencies by combining public safety departments.

The grant, issued by the Michigan treasury department under authority of a 2012 law, reimburses local units of government and school districts for some costs associated with consolidated operations.

All units of government seeking consolidation must apply for the grant for any to get it.

City officials passed a resolution Monday, June 17, supporting its application.

“The Park is taking this up at their meeting (7 p.m. Monday, June 24),” said Mayor Dale Scrace.

Resolutions follow the state already approving the consolidation grant.

“We are pleased to inform you …,” began an April 18 letter from the treasury department to City Manager Peter Dame.

“(The) grant was received tentatively, should the cities choose to implement consolidation of police departments,” Dame said.

Both cities intend to use the money to cover a portion of one-time start-up costs of melding their respective police and fire departments.

Those costs include planning, purchasing and modifying equipment, risk analysis and legal services.

The grant was part of public safety consolidation discussions during a joint council session Friday, June 14, in the Park.

“It was agreed that if there was interest in moving ahead with consolidating the departments, we should each approve resolutions,” Dame said. If the cities decide against consolidation, they don’t get the grant.

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