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June 20, 2013
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A transient window washer is in trouble again for taking some of his customers to the cleaners.

“He’s back in town and has been arrested,” said Grosse Pointe Farms Detective Lt. Richard Rosati. “We’re trying to link him to seven home invasions last year and this year.”

Cases occurred in Farms neighborhoods between Mack, Chalfonte, Moross and the border of Grosse Pointe Woods.

“All were on Chalfonte, Barclay, Bournemouth and Shelbourne,” Rosati said.

The latest batch featured two break-ins on Barclay and one on Bournemouth.

Circumstantial evidence made known offender, Darrell Lamar Foster, 45, of Detroit, the main suspect.

Rosati said, “We asked victims, ‘You don’t by any chance have a window washer named Darrell? He carries a bucket and squirt bottle.’ They said, “yes.”

Investigators checked pawn shops for suspicious transactions.

“There was pawn activity from Darrell Foster,” Rosati said. “A bike stolen on Barclay was under his name.”

The May 13 theft of jewelry and two handguns on Bournemouth gave police hard evidence to arraign Foster Tuesday, June 18, in Farms Municipal Court on multiple charges:

- home invasion first degree,

- two counts felony possession of firearms and

- being a habitual offender.

“We got a home run,” Rosati said. “We lifted finger prints off the jewelry box. They were positive for Darrell Foster. That put him in the house, not just outside.”

The guns haven’t been recovered.

Foster is on parole for several larcenies and one burglary at the time of his arrest.

“We interrogated him and he painted himself into a corner several times,” Rosati said.

Foster initially proclaimed his innocence, Rosati said.

“He asked why I thought he did this,” Rosati said. “I said let me count the ways:

“You’re at just about every house a home invasion occurs.

“You have property stolen from houses in your name at pawn shops.

“You have one hell of a track record that says you steal.

“And you left your bucket with your name in it at one of the home invasions.

“What else do you want?”

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