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Beline Obeid

Beaumont expands within current footprint

February 14, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe faces the architectural equivalent of dental work.

A cavity is being filled and a tooth capped.

They are painless procedures, as far as complying with City of Grosse Pointe ordinances is concerned.

“This comes under existing zoning,” said John Jackson, the city's planning consultant. “It doesn't encroach beyond existing setbacks. There's no increase in height.”

A united city council approved the project Monday, Jan. 28.

Specifically, an indentation in the hospital's south facade facing the parking deck, is being filled with a three-story addition. The new 5,157 square feet of space is scheduled to become examination rooms, consulting areas, clinics and offices.

The offices and clinics are to be relocated from other areas of the hospital, creating accommodations for in-patient care.

“We want to provide more private rooms for patients,” said Richard Swaine, the hospital's senior vice president.

The front lobby entrance, also on the south side, is being expanded and outfitted with a 16-foot diameter, wheelchair accessible revolving door.

“We are trying to enhance the entrance, way-finding and energy conservation with the introduction of a revolving door,” said Eric Gray, project manager at Jones Lang LaSalle, a professional services firm in partnership with Beaumont.

“Cold air rushes through that lobby,” Swaine said. “A revolving door will help a tremendous amount.”

The lobby will be expanded south about 8 feet, roughly equal to the existing entrance overhang.

“It gives better flow for patients getting to our surgery waiting area,” Gray said. “They can come in and not meander through the hospital.”

The three-story in-fill puts additional demands on parking.

The hospital's total parking supply is 935 spots, including off-site spots leased behind CVS Pharmacy in the Village and Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church on Maumee.

Expansion pushes the parking requirement to 933 spaces. “Things are getting pretty tight on site,” Jackson said.

Beaumont's expansion is regulated by a consent judgment, Jackson said.

“The judgment says they can do expansions that fit within the existing footprint of the building,” he said.

“That's basically what they're proposing. This is a precursor to any rezoning and expansions that may come down the road.”

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