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Beline Obeid
Oaktree Place
January 31, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Police want residents to know an armed hold-up of a 14-year-old girl last September didn't buck a double-digit decrease in crime.

"We had a couple high-profile crimes in 2012," said Stephen Poloni, public safety director for the City of Grosse Pointe. "The perception may be among the public that crime is on the increase. However, perception is not reality in this case."

He documented his argument in the annual crime report for 2012.

"Overall, crime in 2012 decreased by 15 percent," he said. "I can say, without reservation, Grosse Pointe remains one of the safest communities in Michigan."

The report shows index crimes, rated by the FBI as most serious, dropping during the year by 7.5 percent, from 118 to 109.

Examples include:

the armed robbery, the only one in the city last year;

felonious assault (three compared with two the year before);

arson (one, up 100 percent from zero in 2011);

burglary, (20, down from 23);

larceny (79 compared with 80 the year before) and

car theft, down 40 percent, from 13 to four, the lowest since at least 2008.

Less serious crimes, also as categorized by the FBI, went down 19 percent.

Biggest drops were malicious destruction of property (15, down from 31) and intimidation or stalking (10 down from 17). Both reached lowest reported levels since at least 2009.

Reported fraud, however, nearly doubled during 2012, from 17 in 2011 to 33.

Drug offenses also increased from 11 to 19.

Statistics show the department's 28 officers, including the chief, responded to 4,508 calls for service.

The figure averages nearly 13 per day, yet is 15.3 percent fewer than last year.

There also were fewer arrests of adults and juveniles.

"Our detective bureau has done yeoman's work," Poloni said. "Its rate of closure is extremely high. However, we're not satisfied until it's 100 percent."

Fire & ambulance

The department's 383 fire runs totaled less than 1 percent fewer than in 2011.

The figure includes responses to actual fires, false alarms, downed wires, ambulance runs and more.

Two large fires, one at a house on Neff and another set by an unknown arsonist at a business on Mack, accounted for more than 96 percent of the city's $1,351,000 total property damage by fire.

Beaumont Medical Transportation Service has handled City ambulance runs since 2009.

"In 2012, there were 206 requests for an ambulance with an average response time of 4 minutes, 42 seconds," Poloni said. "This was a 5 percent increase in calls for service."


The K-9 division, consisting of one officer and an 8-year-old male German Shepard named Raleigh, was involved with 372 cases last year, according to the report.

Some 297 cases involved suspected or actual narcotics.

Raleigh tracked suspects 35 times. He found 10 and bit two.

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