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Beline Obeid

January 03, 2013
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — The threat of gunfire injected dissonant notes to Christmas bells ringing 15 minutes into the holiday outside a house on Moross near Mack.

The alleged gunman, Milton Maurice Green, 35, of Detroit, was arraigned last week in Grosse Pointe Farms Municipal Court for assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Visiting Judge Russell Ethridge, of City of Grosse Pointe court, presided in the temporary absence of the Farms judge.

Green admitted during his arraignment, Wednesday, Dec. 26, arriving at his estranged wife's house in the 400 block of Moross at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 25, to celebrate belated Christmas Eve with two of his children.

Green also suspected, correctly, his soon-to-be ex-wife was spending the night with his male cousin, according to police.

"He got a little enraged with that," said Detective Lt. Richard Rosati. "(He) banged on the door, told her to open it (and) pointed the gun at her through the window of the door."

Green, licensed to carry a concealed weapon, denied drawing his .45-caliber Glock, loaded with 10 rounds of hollow-point bullets.

"I went there to see my kids," Green told Ethridge. "Usually the night before Christmas they open two or three gifts."

"Just out of curiosity," Ethridge asked, " — aside from the fact you have a Second Amendment right to carry a firearm — what would make you think it would be necessary to take a firearm to visit your children on Christmas Eve?"

"I always have my firearm with me," Green said.

He used to have two.

"The other one got stolen," he told Ethridge.

While Green reportedly banged on the door and made threats, his wife called 911, according to police.

Multiple public safety officers responded. Weapons drawn, they ordered Green to the ground. They confiscated his pistol and impounded his blue 2005 Cadillac STS.

"I know how strict Grosse Pointe is," Green said.

He lived in the community seven years before the breakup, he said in court.

"We was on Maison, Littlestone and McKinley," Green said. "My kids go to Monteith (Elementary) and Grosse Pointe North (High School). I take my kids to school in the morning to Monteith."

He faces up to four years in prison if convicted of assault. The weapons charge carries an additional, mandatory two years.

Green said he graduated from Denby High School, doesn't drink alcohol and worked 11 years at the DTE Energy power plant in Marysville before leaving due to a "heart condition."

"I'm on disability, but I do stuff on the side, also," he told Ethridge.

"I'm not sure the disability people know about that, but..." said Ethridge.

Green's clean criminal and driving records didn't mitigate Ethridge's concern about the weapons charge.

"Firearms in domestic situations are simply a recipe for disaster," he said. "The idea that, somehow, a firearm is consistent with visiting kids on Christmas is still a mystery."

Ethridge set bond at $25,000. Green must post only 10 percent.

Terms also include a no-contact provision.

"You're to stay at least a mile away from Moross," Ethridge told Green.

"I have no problem with that," Green said.

Ethridge added, "When I say no contact with Ms. Green, I mean no texting, no e-mailing, no phone calls. I don't want any direct or indirect communication with her until further order of this court."

Green's preliminary hearing is scheduled for noon Wednesday, Jan. 2.

After the arraignment, Rosati helped Green, handcuffed, write a request for a court-appointed attorney.

"This whole thing is crazy," Green told family members at the hearing. "I only talked to her for a minute."

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