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Beline Obeid
November 15, 2012
THE GROSSE POINTES — The long arm of the law is reaching out to victims of hurricane Sandy.

Grosse Pointe public safety officers are helping a New York City policeman and his family whose house was destroyed due to the storm.

"They lost everything," said Joe Adams, a City of Grosse Pointe patrolman.

Although the storm victim, Thomas Sikinger, and his family live in Massapequa on the south shore of Long Island, their house wasn't swamped. It burned down.

"His neighbor had a generator in the basement. It caught fire and spread," said Detective Gina Griffin, one of Sikinger's coworkers in the organized crime control bureau. "The only thing standing of Tommy's house is the chimney."

Adams and fellow members of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 102 plan to surprise Sikinger this week with a donation of at least $2,000.

"He has no clue it's happening," Adams said.

Adams learned of Sikinger from a former classmate at Lake Superior State University. The classmate gave up a career in professional hockey to join the NYPD.

Sikinger and his wife have a daughter, 3; and son, 18 months.

They closed on the house Oct. 4, Adams said.

Adams proposed lodge members adopt the family of an officer in need.

"It's heartwarming that these guys would help somebody they don't even know," Griffin said. "Especially, working the jobs we do, to see a good story once in a while is refreshing."

"That's what FOP strands for: a fraternal order," said Lt. Detective Richard Rosati of Grosse Pointe Farms public safety.

"It's a great way to support the brotherhood of police and fire," said John Schulte, Grosse Pointe Shores public safety director.

The fire wasn't part of one that destroyed 80 houses in Queens.

Griffin studied to become a teacher but chose law enforcement instead. She's worked in the narcotics division for 7 of her 10 years with the department.

She described Sikinger as more of a teammate than a fellow officer.

"He's got your back," Griffin said. "He's laid back and doesn't have a big attitude."

Adams said he can be contacted at psoadams@gmail.com.

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