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Farms offers help after Detroit shootings

November 15, 2012
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A car with a dead teenage passenger piled up last week on Mack.

The victim, 18, had been shot on Detroit's eastside.

His brother, 23, was driving. Shot also, he wrecked the car on the median in the 18600 block of Mack, near the intersection of east Warren.

"Please don't let me choke," the driver pleaded to Grosse Pointe Farms police, then vomited, they said.

Both victims are from Detroit.

The driver told police he and his 18-year-old brother were shot at a service station at Harper and Cadieux.

A Farms patrolman was wrapping up a traffic stop on Mack near Kerby shortly before 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6, when he heard the victims' dark green 1991 Saturn crash over the curb.

"(The driver) indicated he and his brother had been shot," said the officer. "The passenger was leaning back in his seat and appeared dead."

The driver had two wounds, a puncture in the pelvic area and a graze on the back, according to police.

Farms medics took him to St. John Hospital and Medical Center. Detroit police did likewise with the dead passenger.

Farms police turned over the investigation to Detroit police.

"Our involvement was helping them to the hospital," said Farms Lt. Detective Richard Rosati.

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