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Dad takes heat for house party


October 04, 2012
The father of a Grosse Pointe South High School ninth-grader could be in trouble for letting his 16-year-old daughter host an underage drinking and marijuana party at his house during the night of Saturday, Sept. 29.

"(I) request the detective bureau seek a warrant for (the father) for open house party and six charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (and) furnishing alcohol to (a) minor," a patrolman


At 12:32 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 30, officers responding to a noise complaint in the 200 block of Moran broke

up the party.

They encountered seven female classmates, ages 13 through 16, with blood alcohol levels ranging from .033 to .139 percent.

The father, 46, said he arrived home more than an hour earlier without knowledge of the party, according to police.

"Throughout the home were beer cans, as well as (the father) pouring beer into the sink," said an officer.

Two teens said everyone paid $10 for the man to purchase the alcohol, according to police.

"(The father) showed no concern, continuing to make himself drinks (and) cleaning the home," said an officer.

Medics took the girl with the highest blood alcohol level to a hospital.

"I have never been drunk or smoked weed before," the girl reportedly told authorities.

The parents of all but one remaining guest were called to retrieve their daughters.

A 13-year-old girl from the City of Grosse Pointe got a ride home from police "due to (her) mother's level of intoxication, she was not able to pick up her daughter," said an officer.

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