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Initial acre ceremony marking urban soil survey in the Grosse Pointe

September 20, 2012
A soil survey of the five Grosse Pointes is nearly complete and the opening ceremony is set for 10:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 21, at Belle Isle Nature Zoo 1928 E. Lakeside, Detroit.

Some 19 Wayne County communities, including the Grosse Pointes, have been designated as having "urban" soils.

The Grosse Pointes are the first among these communities to have its soils mapped during the three year project to evaluate soils in 24 cities in Wayne County, including Detroit. The final product of the urban survey will provide cities and with a tool for future development, conservation and resource planning.

Some important information has been obtained from the soil mapping project in Grosse Pointe Farms.

For example, an isolated area of clay loam glacial till known as the Emmet Moraine, about 11,000 years old, is a unique geological feature in all of Wayne County.

The Emmet Moraine originally extended from about Vernier Road to Fisher Road, but is now closer to Moross, likely due to wear from wave action in Lake St. Clair. Rocks found in the glacial till are angular and likely originate from Canada.

Connie Boris, executive director of the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District and a Grosse Pointe Farms resident and Steve Olds of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service attend the Initial Acre Ceremony for the Metropolitan Detroit Soil Survey. An overview of the soil mapping project recently underway, and its potential future impact on city planning and land use will be given by conservation district and NRCS representatives.

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