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Beline Obeid
September 20, 2012
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Fallout from a traffic stop continues dogging a college student defending herself from possessing a substance she may not know was illegal.

It's been eight weeks since the defendant, Mary Elizabeth Novak, 21, of Grosse Pointe Farms, was pulled over early Friday, July 20, for allegedly running a red light on Mack and arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Due to delays by both the defense and prosecution, it will be another six weeks before Novak gets a preliminary hearing on the felony charge.

During the stop, a search of Novak's purse reportedly turned up a pill she described as "Molly." The name is slang for methamphetamine.

"The state police perform more accurate analysis of drugs," said City Detective Al Gwyn. "The methamphetamine test takes longer."

Novak claimed she did not know the pill was an illegal drug.

"The information we're getting is she was told it was Molly, but believed it was some type of diet pill sold at gas stations," Gwyn said.

Novak's initial prelim, Aug. 16, was rescheduled to Thursday, Sept. 13. She and her newly-hired attorney needed to organize a defense.

The Sept. 16 hearing was postponed to 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, due to unfinished analysis of the pill, police said.

"I've met with the police and prosecutor," defense attorney Douglas Hamel said to City Judge Russell Ethridge during the Sept. 13 hearing. "They do not have test results from the Michigan State Police."

Hamel requested delaying the prelim until getting the results.

"It make sense to me," Ethridge said.

"No objections," said Gary Bresnehan, Wayne County assistant prosecutor. "Have officers call the lab and tell them we need (the results) fast back, sooner better than later."

All parties agreed to adjourn the case until 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 25.

The hearing took less than two minutes.

Novak remains free on $1,000 personal bond.

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