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Bond reduction denied

Bashara still jailed


September 20, 2012
Bob Bashara's request for a lower bond has been denied.

Judge Bruce U. Morrow of the Third District Court ruled Monday the original order requiring Bashara to post a $15 million all cash bond will stand.

Bashara has been incarcerated in the Wayne County Jail following his arrest on June 25 on a charge that he solicited the murder of Joseph Gentz, the handyman charged with killing Jane Bashara in January of this year.

Mark Kriger, Bashara's attorney appeared before Morrow last week, seeking a reduction in the bail, claiming his client is "strapped for cash" and the Monroe Bank and Trust has foreclosed on one of the properties owned by Bashara.

"Certainly this offense is serious," Kriger told the court, "but a $15 million bail is no different than a $200 million or a billion dollar bail," and bail is not meant to be so punitive that it keeps someone in prison.

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"He is presumed to be innocent," Kriger said, before asking that his client's bail be reduced to $500,000, meaning Bashara would need to post just 10 percent, $50,000, in order to be released. Kriger said Bashara would surrender his passport and driver's license and would submit to wearing a global positioning satellite tether.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey challenged Kriger's assessment of Bashara, and asked Morrow to deny the bond reduction, citing several factors including the seriousness of the crime Bashara is charged with and his anger with the judicial process.

Lindsey said her office has recordings of phone calls Bashara is making from the Wayne County jail, and said he has expressed anger Gentz is being offered a plea bargain in his case, but he has not been offered any kind of a plea deal.

Lindsey also said Bashara has violated the terms of a personal protection order taken out by his former mistress by attempting to contact her through a woman from out of state Bashara had contact with through an internet site on which she is known as Obedient Slave. Lindsey also accused Bashara of attempting to intimidate witnesses.

In a motion filed with Morrow, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office alleges Bashara no longer has ties to the Grosse Pointe community, stating Bashara was fired from his job with United Laboratories the day following his arrest and his ties to the community have "diminished." The prosecutor's office alleges phone calls reveal Bashara has spoken of selling his house on Middlesex in Grosse Pointe Park and his mother, Nancy Bashara said, "I'm through," and his sister, Laura Maurer, told Bashara, "you lost us, Bob. There is nobody to blame but yourself."

Kriger responded to the charges Bashara has lost the support of his family by saying the prosecutor's office has taken family members' comments out of context.

Following Morrow's ruling on Monday, Krieger could not be reached for comment.

Bashara will be back in Morrow's courtroom Monday, Nov. 12, when his trial on the solicitation to murder Gentz charge begins.

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