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August 30, 2012
DETROIT — A trial date of Nov. 12 has been set for Bob Bashara on the charge he hired a hit man to kill Joe Gentz.

The date was set at a hearing last week in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Bashara is charged with one count of solicitation to murder a witness, a crime punishable by up to life in prison. According to prosecutors, Bashara attempted to hire someone to kill Gentz, who has been charged in the murder of Bob's wife, Jane Bashara.

Jane Bashara, a marketing executive and mother of two, was murdered in January. Gentz told authorities he was offered $2,000 and a used car by Bashara to kill his wife. Gentz turned himself into police within days of the murder, but was released three days later. He was arrested and formally charged in March, and faces a charge of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. A preliminary examination on the charges has been set for October, but according to several sources, Gentz's court-appointed attorney, Susan Reed, is attempting to work out a plea deal for her client.

No one else has been charged in Jane Bashara's death, nor has anyone other than Gentz been named on the conspiracy charge. Bashara has long been identified as a person of interest in the murder, but Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office would not comment on whether additional charges against Bashara will be brought.

He was arrested June 25 in Grosse Pointe Park on the solicitation to murder charge. According to police, Bashara offered to pay Detroit appliance store owner Steve Tibaudo to arrange to have Gentz killed in the Dickerson Correctional Facility where he has been incarcerated since his arrest in March.

Prosecutors have Bashara and Tibaudo on tape discussing the murder of Gentz. Bashara pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in July. He remains in the Wayne County Jail in lieu of a $15 million cash bond.

Bashara will be represented at trial by a new attorney, Mark Kriger. His former attorney, David Griem, will himself be in court on Tuesday, Sept. 4, to discuss whether he improperly shared discovery information in the Jane Bashara murder case with members of Bob Bashara's family. Griem removed himself as Bashara's attorney in July, stating that he and his client "we're no longer on the same page, we're not even in the same book."

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