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Police called to Bashara house

August 02, 2012
 Police were sent to Bob Bashara's house on Middlesex in Grosse Pointe Park the morning of Tuesday, July 24.

Bob Bashara awaits trial on charges he hired someone to have Joseph Gentz killed. Gentz is in jail charged with the January strangulation death of Bob's wife, Jane. Access to the Bashara house was the issue that brought police back to the neighborhood.

"We thought we were on the same page," said Jane Bashara's sister, Julie Rowe.

 Rowe was notified by another resident of Middlesex that a truck was in the driveway of the Bashara house and items were being removed.

 "We had an agreement with Bob's family that nothing would be taken from the house without our permission," she said.

According to Rowe, following Bob Bashara's arrest on June 25, members of Jane's family met at the Middlesex residence with Bob Bashara's mother, Nancy Bashara and discussed items in the house, including personal items of Jane's. Nancy Bashara gave the family a key to the house, and both families agreed nothing would be removed without discussing it with all family members.

After she learned a moving truck was in the driveway, Rowe said she called the Bashara house and Bob's cousin answered the phone. Rowe asked her what was happening.

"I told her I thought we had an agreement," Rowe said. "We had just met with Nancy a few weeks ago and we thought we were on the same page. We agreed that nothing would be removed from the house without discussing it. When I asked her what she was doing, she hung up on me."

The cousin has Bob Bashara's power of attorney and has handled his affairs since his arrest.

Jane's mother, Lorraine Engelbrecht, said she soon arrived at the house and knocked on the door, but Bob's cousin wouldn't answer.

When Englebrecht attempted to use the key Nancy Bashara had given her, she found the locks had been changed. Engelbrecht said she went around to the back of the house and saw furniture was missing from a screened-in porch.

"But we have no way of knowing what was taken from inside the house," Rowe said.

Grosse Pointe Park police were called to the house, but advised Englebrecht there was nothing they could do, as the cousin had power of attorney and there was nothing in writing giving them access to the house.

"There are personal items of Jane's in the house, items that should be going to her children," Rowe said. "Now we can't even get into the house to see if those items are still there or find out where they are."

A member of the Bashara family who asked not to be identified did not dispute the Englelbrecht family's version of the incident. However, she said the cousin is handling Bob Bashara's business affairs and following Bashara's directions.

"The Engelbrechts do not have legal standing in this case," the Bashara family spokeswoman said. "It's Bob's house and his belongings."

Bob Bashara's cousin is not being identified by the Grosse Pointe News because she couldn't be reached for comment.

Bob Bashara will be back in court Tuesday, Aug. 7, when he will be arraigned in Wayne County Circuit Court on one charge of solicitation to murder a witness. He is being held in the Wayne County jail on a $15 million cash bond.

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