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November 07, 2013
Norman Whaler of Grosse Pointe Park wondered what became of Tiny Tim, Charles Dickens’ young boy in “A Christmas Carol.”

Once Ebenezer Scrooge turned his bah-humbug life around after visits from three spirits on Christmas Eve, the reader is led to believe Scrooge provided the money for a life-saving operation for Tim and became a model citizen in Victorian England.

Whaler and his father, Norman, decided a sequel was in order to answer their questions.

Their book, “Tiny Tim & The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge,” is color illustrated and has original Christmas music and lyrics written by the elder Whaler, a classical pianist and composer. He died in December 2011.

The story begins with Tiny Tim, now an adult and working at Scrooge & Marley & Cratchit with his father, Bob, who was made a partner by Scrooge. Tim laments his fast friend’s death, seven days before Christmas. The book said Scrooge was a second father to Tim. Cloaked in grief, the young man is slipping into depression and has loss his faith because of a number of events, including the loss of his beloved girlfriend, Becky.

Like his benefactor Scrooge, Tim has a night visitor. Scrooge’s ghost comes to him with the purpose of revealing what real faith is and the true meaning of Christmas.

“While there are many Christian lessons to be found in my narrative,” Whaler said in a press release, “one serious question that many people have is this: What truly does it mean to have faith? And then after that, what do you do with that faith? This book gives you an answer. Tiny Tim faces his own moral crisis, just as Mr. Scrooge did in the original story.”

Whaler dedicated the story to his late wife, Patricia, who died in November 2011.

The author is pleased the book is complete, but gives the credit to Dickens.

“Without his wonderful characters, inspiration and impact on the world of literature — none of this would be possible. It is such an honor to be releasing the sequel and I hope that the lessons of faith in this little Christmas book will positively impact people’s lives,” he said.

The 49-page book is published by Crossbooks and can be found at local bookstores and Bookstore.crossbooks.com.

— Ann L. Fouty

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