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Beline Obeid

After discernment there is celebration

October 03, 2013
Any pastor who has spent a number of years in the ministry can tell stories of things that have gone wrong at weddings. I remember a wedding when the groom wasn’t feeling well, and when I read the verse from the Genesis creation story, “God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man,” the groom fainted.

Nowhere does Murphy’s Law seem to apply more readily than weddings — collapsing cakes, wrong flowers, falling candles or a late bride or groom. Well, according to the Gospel of John, something went wrong at a wedding Jesus attended in Cana.

They ran out of wine!

The young couple would have been on the verge of humiliation. After all, hospitality was a sacred duty. There was also the old Jewish saying, “Without wine, this is no joy!” We know the rest of the story. Jesus turned water in wine.

This miracle reminds us that even when everything doesn’t happen the way we or God might like, joy and celebration lie at the heart of faith, and new life is possible. When our lives are touched and moved by the presence of one who turns water into wine and makes all things new, out of darkness can come light, out of despair hope and out of sorrow joy.

The church I now serve went through a period of discernment and part of the congregation left. After a time of grieving, today’s congregation looks forward to new times and new opportunities in mission and ministry. Enthusiasm comes from two Greek words meaning “in God” or “having God within.” Enthusiasm is high as the church family celebrates the upward and onward call of God and 75 years as a worshipping congregation.

Yes, God is love all the time. All the time God is love. So celebrate the journey.

Praise the Lord!

Rev. Agnew is the minister at Grosse Pointe Woods Presbysterian Church.

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