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Beline Obeid
Oaktree Place
September 12, 2013
A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

Six hair stylists from Chez Loulou Salon and Spa in the City of Grosse Pointe made sure the models who walked the New York runways Sept. 5 through 10, were stunning.

Brigitte Rist, the salon’s owner, along with Michelyn Piche- Giordan, William Thornton, Alexandra Franzone, Christina Veitch and Jessica Jelsone, spent a week combing, curling and hair spraying models who show the spring collection created by American designers.

The stylists worked with the Privé product creative hair team for New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Laurent Defourg, the founder of Privé, and Aaron Grenia head the New York hair team that included the Grosse Pointe stylists. They worked back stage prepping and styling models for the runway along with 20 to 30 stylists, make-up artists and nail technicians.

Rist said there were from 65 to 100 people backstage, plus photographers, media, personal stylists and style directors, orchestrating the models back and forth between the stations.

“There are over 100 shows during the week,” she said. “The stylists work from dawn to sundown. Each show is about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the collection.”

While the hair team’s leader and clothing designer dictate what hair style went with which outfit, Rist said, stylists can try something new. And they worked quickly because hair styles change as the 20 to 30 models donned different clothes.

“The new styles that are coming in are loose, wavy and sexy. New styles to match the clothing line. The designer is very specific to what they want and the director of the hair team works one-on-one with the designer to achieve a certain look to go with the clothing line,” Rist said.

“There are time restrictions due to the models working other shows throughout fashion week. Models are working up to five to 10 shows a day.”

It’s not unusual for a model to arrive late putting pressure on the stylists, nail and makeup people to work quickly.

“There are usually two stylists per model. A whole team of stylists can come over before the finished result and primp and preen the models to make them look perfect,” she said.

She went on to say, “(We) are proud to be a part of the experience and excited to learn and grow as stylists.”

When the six stylists put down their hair irons and dryers and gathered up their pins, clips, wigs and hair pieces, there were after-parties to attend.

“The designers host amazing after party events,” Rist said. “It’s a celebration at the end of the event and there are a lot of people in the fashion industry. We usually get an invitation by the designers to attend the after party shows. It’s really nice because it shows they appreciate our hard work.”

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