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Beline Obeid

Cool kabobs are hit of the party


August 08, 2013
Cantaloupe (or melon) wrapped in prosciuto is a traditional Italian treat. I kicked up the cool "starter" with some fresh mozzarella. Even better.

Cool Kabobs with Mozzarella, Prosciuto & Cantaloupe

1 lb. log fresh mozzarella

1/4 lb. prosciuto

half of 1 cantaloupe, peeled, seeded and cut into 1 inch pieces

24 wooden skewers

freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cut mozzarella into 1-inch logs (you should get about 6). Wrap sliced prosciuto around mozzarella logs.

Cut logs into 1-inch pieces and place each on a skewer. Top mozzarella with a piece of cantaloupe.

Arrange skewers in a vase or on a platter and garnish with just a bit of cracked black pepper.

Pass the cool kabobs encouraging your guests to taste the melon and the prosciuto wrapped mozzarella all in one bite.

This easy to prepare appetizer was a big hit at a recent party.

Enjoy something cool this summer.

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