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Beline Obeid

Ford House chef wins SOC tastefest

July 18, 2013
The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House chef whipped up an English menu for Services for Older Citizens June 26 International Tastefest. And the offerings, featuring seasonal food, took top honors. It also took first place for best décor.

Best decor second place went to Senior Solutions with a Mexican theme. A Hawaiian theme earned Heartland Georgian East third place.

Second place in the best food category went to Beaumont Health Services with an Irish traditional lamb stew.

Swedish and Lebanese dishes tied for third place. Sunrise Senior Living on Vernier and Roslyn featured homemade Swedish meatballs and Beline Obeid Realty offered Lebanese food, prepared by Cedar Garden.

“The Tastefest is a great way to educate our seniors on local services and products that are available to them from our business partners out in the community. Plus it’s lots of fun to sample all of the treats and get to know our seniors and community partners better while we all nibble, mingle and learn,” said Sharon Maier, SOC’s executive director.

As part of the festivities, seniors were able to cast votes for which tables they deemed the best décor and the best food.

First place Ford House draped its table in black linens, tiered platforms and accessorized with seasonal edible flowers such as nasturtiums from the Ford House gardens. The food also featured seasonal flavors in artisanal scones of two different varieties and a chilled soup featuring asparagus, cucumber, dill and chives, also grown in the Ford House’s gardens.

“We’re really looking forward to offering and expanding this event next year,” said Melissa Jenness, SOC’s auction and events coordinator. “It’s such a great way to bring our seniors together with our community partners and learn both about what our partners can offer and what our seniors are looking for.”

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