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Helping other nonprofits

April 04, 2013
Joe Warner


GROSSE POINTE WOODS - Molding girls into young women is something the Girl Scouts has done since 1912. Combine the efforts of troops at Monteith Elementary School with a local nonprofit and you’ve got a winning combination.

The scouts received a boost from Exquisite Affairs by Tresa. A donation given to the Monteith scouts was part of the proceeds from a pre-holiday event at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial in Grosse Pointe Farms.

Exquisite Affairs by Tresa held its Sarah Rose Mother and Daughter Holiday Tea and Fashion Show, which drew 200 participants.

Tresa Galloway, CEO of Exquisite Affairs by Tresa and a resident of Grosse Pointe Woods, said the tea was the fifth annual and proceeds go to several local charities.

Galloway said the idea for her nonprofit came from life’s experiences. She grew up the youngest of seven children and said her sisters guided her life.

“I saw what they went through and saw things I didn’t want to go through,” Galloway said. “Not every girl has the same opportunity I had. To see that experience. Some families have missing components and we have to fill in the gaps.”

She grew up in the area, attending Our Lady Star of the Sea. Galloway studied education in college and did her student teaching outside Liverpool, England.

“I knew I wanted to be back here at some point,” Galloway said. “I met my husband, who was on his way to Chicago. We got married and ended up staying here.”

She taught in Grosse Pointe and Detroit for nine years, but something was missing.

“I felt boxed in a bit,” Galloway said. “I wanted to use my creativity and start a business.” Her memories of her mother’s tea room in downtown Detroit also played in mind.

“Etiquette has always been a passion.”

A business was born in 2001. With the help of a friend, Galloway formed what is now Exquisite Affairs by Tresa.

“Our goal was simple,” Galloway said. “We wanted to have events and teas that would help empower young women and mothers, adopting nonprofits to help. I want to help set boundaries and goals, give guidance and help.”

And it goes well beyond that. Galloway’s company has provided event planning for some of Metro Detroit’s most famous residents and companies. There are wedding and corporate planning services and she has worked events surrounding the Super Bowl, and earlier this year, the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

“That was an amazing experience,” Galloway said. “I was so proud to be a small part of it.”

Close to home, her heart is with helping young ladies develop. And their needs, whether in Detroit or Grosse Pointe, are the same emotionally and spiritually. Attending etiquette schools, her time in Europe and her mother’s tea room all served as perfect experience for what Galloway wanted in a nonprofit.

“I love working with children,” she said. “I went from teaching to an instructional coach to an intervention specialist. It’s been a very rewarding journey.”

Tresa and her husband have four children, which she says has allowed her to grow with her business.

“I rate myself as a pretty good parent, but I’m always learning, too,” Galloway said. “The best parenting is sharing with other parents. There has to be a balance and we are all learning that together.”

Galloway said she wants to expand her services beyond Metro Detroit. She also wants to have an all-girls convention to offer numerous resources.

“There’s no guide for us,” Galloway said. “The goal is for families to flourish. That’s my reward in all of this. That’s important to me.”

For more information on all of the event and etiquette services offered by Exquisite Affairs by Tresa, visit exquisiteaf


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