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No matter what, Jesus finds us

January 24, 2013
Not to gloss over really, really important things like being God’s Son and our Messiah, but Jesus was also an amazingly cool teacher.

No matter where you were: on a beach, by a city gate, up in a tree, at a dinner party; or what you were doing: collecting taxes, fishing, doing the dinner dishes or hoping for a miracle lost in a crowd, Jesus found a way to teach you about the power of God’s healing love. “We love because God first loved us.”

Now, I think we can all agree this winter has been pretty dry. And, whenever it gets cold and dry like this, the skin around the tip of my thumb splits. Hand cream, adhesive bandages, Vaseline, you name it, nothing seems to heal this tender wound. But, a friend of mine told me to put Super Glue on it. So, I poured the glue into the cracked skin, held the skin together and, voilá, it worked!

My thumb healed in no time.

The love of God in Jesus is like that glue. His unconditional love settles into the tattered and wounded edges of our lives, and with a gentle touch, he brings them back together. Through the real-time love of Jesus, our wounds are healed and our lives are made whole again; through the real-time love of Jesus we begin to see others through eyes of love.

Whenever you work to build a life of love and not hate, wherever you pursue inclusion and not exclusion, you pour out a healing balm on a world that desperately needs its ragged edges brought together. For no matter where we are in life when Jesus finds us, no matter what we are doing, we can trust that we are loved.

Rev. Gronek is rector at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Grosse Pointe Woods.

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