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Stressed out? Time to connect to calm

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August 09, 2012
Q. Last week at lunch, I noticed how my coworkers and I were very anxious and talking about how busy and overworked we were feeling and that even at home most of us are unable to relax and have any sense of peace. What can we do?

A. Have you noticed the most popular conversation has become how we are stressed out? Many succumb to the notion that it is next to impossible to avoid stress. Current studies say 90 percent of disease is stress-related. The National Institute of Health has determined managing stress improves health.

So what do we do? Good question.

How can I fit anymore into my already over-scheduled day?

Reality: How can I afford not to?

It's important to remember our human body is a living, pulsing energy field that is continually expanding and contracting. We are energy. Our thoughts and feelings are always a match and our body and spirit essence are components that are intimately connected to how we think and feel.

BALANCE is for what we must strive, with the daily practice of simple methods that will invoke the relaxation response.

In doing so we boost our immune system. Without this, every time we feel not happy: worried, anxious, depressed, fearful — we are compromising our immune system, knocking down our adrenal glands and creating DIS-EASE on some level of our well being; the fight or flight response. My favorite methods for reducing stress and invoking the relaxation response include:

u Breathing: Purchase a dozen pinwheels. Have one handy everywhere — in the car, bed side, desk, locker, garage, kitchen, laundry room. Fully breath in and out to see it spin. Full belly breathing induces the relaxation response and boosts the immune system.

u Breathe: Keep one hand on the low belly. Every time you are sitting at your desk, in a car, meeting or class notice when you are not breathing. Then breathe full, big and slow.

u Meditate: Do this every morning because this sets the tone for the day. You will be clearer, focused and accomplished with optimal results. There are many techniques offered in books and CDs.

Google: free guided meditation.

u Gratitude: Every bedtime write down five things for which you are grateful during your day. Dig deep for the smallest and simplest things as it will bring you into the moment and pave your path for a restful night's sleep.

Jill Wrubel is a holistic wellness professional and a healing arts practitioner through a program approved by the Michigan Department of Education and is training to become an ordained inter-faith minister in the State of Michigan. She can be reached at rev.jillwrubel

@gmail.com or by calling (586) 306-7114.

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