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Beline Obeid

July 17, 2014
For many, summer is a time to travel, play and enjoy Michigan. When I hear a Tim Allen voice-over for "Pure Michigan," I want to hop in the car and head to a lake, a park or Frankenmuth.

The beauty of Michigan is oftentimes lost on those outside Michigan. Headlines like "Bankrupt City" or "the Death of Detroit" have come to define our state rather than the Great Lakes. But we know our state is a place of beauty. Even this past winter served up lots of snow, but also brilliant ice caves miles out onto the Great Lakes.

The beauty of our state and the beauty of creation is meant to remind us of the magnificence and creativity of a God who presided over its creation. The beauty of this world is for our enjoyment, but it also exists to draw us past the creation and ultimately to the Creator.

The Bible says the heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship (Psalm 19:1). When nature takes our breath away, it is one of God's ways of getting our attention. It is one way he reminds us he is here. He is present and involved in our world.

So the next time you take a drive along Lakeshore or see the leaves in fall up I-75, don't just marvel at their beauty. Instead, take a moment and marvel at the creator. Ponder the creativity of a God who would think up something like a waterfall, beautiful trees or the sunset. Give him the glory he deserves and thank him for making himself known.

Coplen is the minister at Crossepointe Christian Church, 21336 Mack, Grosse Pointe Woods. The phone number is (313) 881-3343.

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