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Beline Obeid

July 10, 2014
It is early July and I have been reflecting on freedom. We know that those who decided to turn their world upside down and try to rid themselves of British rule 238 years ago were, at least in part, seeking the freedom to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They wanted freedom to be able to do certain things and they also wanted freedom from certain things, especially those things that made it clear they were under the British boot.

I have been thinking about the "freedom from" side of the coin, seeing, hearing and reading about far too much evidence that there is a lot in this world from which we all would like to be free: fear, hunger, abuse, discrimination, violence, thoughtlessness, marginalization, neglect — not an exhaustive list, and I know you could add to it.

It is good during this season of our celebration of our independence as a nation to remember and give thanks for all those freedoms we have.

It is also good to remind ourselves of the realities of those who pray to be free from conditions which hold them captive. So often those conditions are the result of injustice of one sort or another.

I am suggesting that we search our hearts and minds to identify situations of injustice and then figure out a way to be instruments of justice, instruments of liberation, perhaps turning our part of the world upside down, one moment at a time.

Mozena is the minister at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church

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