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Engagement Form
Engagement announcements are printed the last Thursday of every month.
Fee: $25.00 - includes picture Deadline: 12:00pm Friday preceding last Thursday of the month

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* required information.
Contact Information
Please provide a name, daytime phone number and email address that can be contacted with any questions concerning the announcment and for payment arrangements.
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* Bride's name:
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* Bridegroom's Name
Bridegroom's Parent's names:
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Bridegroom's Schools & Degrees:
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Wedding plans
* Approximate Date of Wedding:
* Will a photograph be used with this announcment?
Please email the photo as a .jpg to jmcveigh@grossepointenews.com or mail or drop off to Engagement Announcements-21316 Mack Avenue-Grosse Pointe Woods MI 48236.


Be sure all information is correct. You will not have the opportunity to edit this form once submitted.
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